Modern Black and chrome Wooden Weather-Station 7894S-06



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Fischer weather instruments made in Germany

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Black wood case  & chrome instruments


  • Frame 290 x 72mm  or 11.6'' x 2.8'' inches   
  • Instruments 63/63/63mm or 2.5'' each


  • It can be mounted horizontal or Vertical
  • Thermometer
  • Hygrometer
  • Barometer

What Does a Weather Station Measure ?

A weather station is usually made up of a few weather reading instruments such as barometers, thermometers and hygrometer. Each of these different instruments measures different

  • What does a Barometer Measure? Atmospheric Pressure - this is helpful to know what kind of changes you can expect in the weather.
  • What does a hygrometer Measure? Humidity of the air. A Comfortable and healthy livery and working conditions are provided with temperatures between 18 and 24 C and humidity between 35 and 65%
  • What does a Thermometer measure? The air Temperature.


Full instructions on how to use your weather station are in included with the device.

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