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3 Instagram Worthy Weather-stations and Barometers You Need in Your Home in 2018

Not your Grandad's weather instruments... 3 Modern Barometers and Weather stations you need in your home 2018

When you think of a barometer or weather station, you very possibly think of a walnut wooden long antique looking weather instruments on your grandmother's wall. Traditional... functional... but not really your style. 

I mean sure... it would be great to know when to take your umbrella to work or hang your washing out on the line ahead of time - But Weather stations and Barometers as more of a traditional instrument... right? Something your Dad or even Granddad might enjoy...

Well not any longer!

In Europe –a popular new trend is adorning your walls with beautiful modern weather instruments in apartments and houses all over Germany, Italy, France and Switzerland.

Here our favourite modern barometer designs for 2018

Stainless steel and black have taken the market by storm. A more metallic look that is in keeping with a minimalist black and white interior. 


Fischer's Black-faced Stainless Steel Barometer (with barometer, hygrometer and thermometer)

We love this weather instrument because it is so easy to read with its simply picture based face. The face clearly indicates if you can look forward to Rain,  Drizzle,  Cloudy or Sunny so that you can plan your day (and washing timeline). 

The perfect design for minimalists, people who love modern design and men that are hard to shop for. 

For the Rose Gold Barometer for the Home Decor Enthusiast

Another trend which we are seeing crop up on Instagram, Pinterest and house and garden magazine is elements of softer Rose. This is where this softer rose gold, but still, stainless steel weather instrument comes in, to give a softer touch on your walls, be it your office or home.


Fischer Stainless Steel Weather Instrument - Rose Gold Coated (with Barometer, Hygrometer and Thermometer)

Tip: Here are some tips to rock Rose Gold in your decor:

1 - Pop your new rose gold Barometer next to a rose gold picture frame

2 - Add a rose gold candle to your mantelpiece

3 - Mix it up with pink cushions on your sofa (they set off rose gold)

4 - Put some pink roses in a rose gold vase

One last major trend in 2018 European design:

The Aviator Cock Pit Series - perfect for the modern male's desk, at work or home office. This series is a chunky black look - series of 4 instruments - Clock, Barometer, Hygrometer and Thermometer ie time, weather pressure, moisture levels and temperature.

The great thing about the Cock Pit series is that you can buy them individually if you want to. Or get the set to keep an eye on all elements of the weather. 

Which one is your favourite?

Drop us a comment below to let us know what you think of the new looks for 2018. Already own one? Snap a photo of it on your wall or desk with the hashtag #barometersandclocks on Instagram or facebook so we can see your weather instruments in their new home.

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Fischer Black-faced stainless steel weather station (with Barometer, Hygrometer and Thermometer)



Fischer Stainless Steel Weather Instrument - Rose Gold Coated (with Barometer, Hygrometer and Thermometer)

Cock Pit series 





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