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Measuring Humidity in Homes after the Christchurch Earthquake

Like many Christchurch Families after the Christchurch earthquake, my daughter and grandson have moved in with us. With the accommodation shortage from so many houses being knocked down or red zoned, and most of the rental accommodation being used by tradies we are more then happy to have them under our roof.

Earthquake Cracks & Humidity

Our house is still standing but we found all of that wobbling and shaking left cracks and gaps in the house and we really feel the moisture and cold more now than ever.

Humidity and Asthma

My Grandson suffers from Asthma so I have a hygrometer in his room and the living room just to keep an eye on moisture levels and dampness.

Because (as you know) I sell weather stations for a living I find it really interesting comparing the readings I use to get in the house before the earthquake, to what they are like now. 

What does a hygrometer do?

Measures moisture levels in the air in your home, wine cellar, or office. It can also be used to measure the humidity in your wine cellar. This is extremely helpful when you want to know how healthy your home is - and if you need to make adjustments like opening a window, turning on a dehumidifier or buying a humidifier so you can optimising your living or working are.

    Brass weatherstation

    Here is a Barometer with a hygrometer and thermometer 

    What sort of humidity reading would you expect in a healthy home?

    To support a healthy living environment you want the humidity of the room to be between 35% - 65% humidity. If its to humid you start to see tell tail signs like condensation, mold spores growing on the walls (very common up in auckland), most bugs, and asthma. If its not humid enough this can cause dry nose, throat and skin.

    What is a healthy temperature for my home?

    You want the temperature to be between 18 - 24 degrees.

    Need a device to measure the humidity in your home?  Keen to keep an eye on the humidity and moisture levels in your house? Check out our range of hygrometers here. 

    OVER TO YOU...

    How does your home stack up? Are you feeling the effects of the earthquake on the humidity and warmth of your home? Leave me a comment below I would love to hear from you.


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