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A unique Weather Station for 2020 - 75 Years of Fischer in conjunction with Fischer are proud to bring you the  weather station 1602-75. 

Created as a tribute to Fischer's company founder Kurt Fischer, this weather station brings you a combination of the past and present in the manufacturing of fine mechanical measuring instruments.

 fischer weather station

Between 1933 and 1936, the graduate aeronautical engineer Kurt Fischer was head of flight testing at the German Experimental Institute of Aviation in Berlin-Adlershof, where he was an active pilot. In 1945 Kurt Fischer founded his precision mechanics workshops in Drebach, Erzgebirge, which he managed until his death in 1973.

The design of the weather station is based on the on-board instruments used in aircraft.

The stainless steel case is handcrafted and finished with carbon perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. 

The historical FISCHER logo from the early years is embossed on the back of the product.

The FISCHER product with a serial number was created on the occasion of the 75th anniversary in 2020 and is limited to 75 pieces.

Order one of the 75 pieces of this extraordinary production series and enjoy the noble design and the high quality of a weather station.


The rare weather station in memory of company founder Kurt Fischer consists of a barometer, a hygrometer and a thermometer.

What does a Weather station measure?

What does a Barometer Measure?

Atmospheric Pressure - this is helpful to know what kind of changes you can expect in the weather. A rising barometer indicates increasing air pressure = usually better weather. A falling barometer indicates decreasing air pressure = usually worse or changing weather.

What does a Hygrometer measure?

Humidity (or moisture) in the air. For comfortable and healthy living and working conditions the humidity should be between 35 and 65% and temperatures between 18 & 24 C or 64F & 75F

What Does a Thermometer measure?

A thermometer is an instrument that measures the air’s temperature.

 In order to be able to interpret the measurement results correctly, the weather station also comes with a manual with the most important weather rules.



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