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Feedback from an Avid Boatie looking for a Barometer and Clock

We love getting feedback here at

Sometimes we get feedback that just has to be shared with you all.

This note from Michael and Ilana Cowan made our day.

"I made a mistake. I was looking for a barometer and a clock for a small yacht we are having built…a gaff rigged Cygnet 20… and was somewhat frustrated at the lack of choice in Australia when I discovered Barometers and Clocks inNew Zealand It was late at night…and I had had a few beers and I was so excited with the range of superb products that I ordered up a beautiful barometer and a clock…and made the serious error of not first talking to my wife…the Admiral. The two items duly arrived…beautifully packed…and I offered them to my wife…who took one look at them… shook her head…and said No. I should have known better.  Cameron in Christchurch was fantastic. We sent back the two items and he sent us two replacement products more in keeping with the Admiral’s wishes. So we are now proud possessors of a beautiful mahogany barometer and a wonderful brass nautical clock which also shows tides. A pleasure dealing with Cameron…he stocks a superb range of barometers…clocks and weather stations…we would highly recommend Barometers and Clocksfor exceptional service and quality products." Michael and Ilana Cowan

 Michael and Ilana bought the following products:


Fischer Barometer and clock


 Click on the picture above to check out this product.

clock and tide clock

 Click on the picture above to check out this product.



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