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Fischer Barometers, Weather Stations & Tide Clocks Video

Here is a video showing the assembly of Fischer Weather Instruments being made in Germany. In the video you can see beautifully handcrafted weather stations being crafted out of the highest quality materials.

Why Fischer is better than your average bear... barometer

The trouble with most products manufactured in China is that they break or wear out quick, often because they use cheap parts or they are produced so fast that the quality is not there. As you can see from this video Fischer take pride in their weather stations, carefully assembling them with only the best mechanisms, wood, chrome and brass.This means you get a stylish piece of home decor that can become an airer loom you hand down to other family members.

The importance of a good quality metal mechanisms.

Plastic and digital parts can malfunction, run out of batteries or just have a melt-down. Sure they are cheaper, but you have to buy them more often. Fischer mechanisms are made from metal and carefully engineered to run smoothly.

Why Choose Fischer German Weather Products?

They have been selling Weather stations since 1945 and actually won the German Manufacturer of the year. The parts, labour and design have all been carefully managed to give you a beautiful, functional weather station that you can continue to use for years to come. Learn more about what makes Fischer so great here

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