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How to find the Best Sauna Thermometer

There is something so freeing about disrobing when about to bask in the heat of a sauna. It is easy to relax, get lost in the steam and let the worries of the day roll off your shoulders. One thing you do not want to do is lose track of the temperature and humidity levels in your sauna. A sauna thermometer helps you track the temperature to make sure it is ready for bathing or too hot. Generally, the thermometer is placed above or near the sauna heater so you can make sure you do not get too hot.

Things to consider when buying a sauna thermometer:

Is it easy to read - this lets you keep an eye on things as you relax.

Is it water tight and built to thrive in the heat of a sauna - Consider going for something with a dial rather than a digital clock because of the tough conditions in a sauna.

Does it show you a measurement in Celsius or Fahrenheit (or both) - make sure you can read it in a format you understand.

Does it just show you the temperature, or does it show the humidity as well - When the humidity is above 35 per cent, this means your sauna rocks are insufficiently hot and are producing too much steam. By having a built-in hygrometer you can optimise your sauna for maximum enjoyment and comfort.



What temperature should by sauna be?

Depending on the type of sauna (dry or wet with hot rocks) these numbers change. These are for general use, as a general rule read the saunas manufacturers temperatures or manual for the appropriate settings.

Tradition Gas / Wood / Electric Sauna:
Minimum Temperature 30°C/90°F
Maximum Temperature 50°C/120°F

Finnish Models with Steamer Heaters
Minimum Temperature 70°C/150°F
Maximum Temperature 90°C/190°F

Infrared Module with Infrared Heater
Minimum Temperature 26°C/80°F
Maximum Temperature 50°C/130°F

Once you know the temperature setting for your sauna it is time to find the appropriate sauna thermometer to measure these settings so you can keep an eye on things while you are relaxing. We recommend the Fischer Sauna Thermometer 194.01 or 196TH-03 if you require something with a thermometer and hygrometer.

They are built to thrive in a sauna, show measurements in english and in degrees celsius and let you easily measure humidity and temperature at a glance.


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