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Setting up our Tide Clocks

To set your Tidal Clock

1. At the back of the movement, you will find the knob for setting the regular clock hands (Small round plastic wheel positioned on the right) and the knob for setting the tide indicator hand (positioned right at the bottom of the clock movement, large wheel].

2.The tide indicator hand should be set to high tide when the next high tide in your area occurs. As a general rule, it is best to set the tide hand at high tide during a full or new moon. If this is not possible, we suggest you check the reading of the tide hand at the next full or new moon. If, at that time, the tide hand is not indicating to high tide, adjust it with the wheel. Further adjustment may be necessary from time to time.

For fast easy set up

1. Fit AA Alkaline Battery only [ please note that AA heavy duty batteries will not make this clock preform accurately]
2. Set the time to your local time
3. I recommend you either Google or look at your local paper for the next high tide in your area.
4. When you have this information move the clock hands clock -wise to the next high tide time be it AM or PM ,
5. Once you have done that then move the tide clock hand to high tide.
6. When this is completed wind clock hands anti- clock wise only to the correct time be it AM or PM
7. That’s it , congratulation’s you are ready to go Fishing or surfing
8. If this information is a little bit hard to follow go to you tube and search.


How to set up a tide clock


Don't have a tide clock yet?


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