Fischer Aneroid Precision Barometer Navigator



Fischer weather instrument hand made in Germany
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Fischer Aneroid Barometer Navigator 103PCR
If not in stock it alloy approx 4-6 weeks


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103PCRU  Clock
103PCRT Thermometer
103PCRH Hygrometer
103PCRTD Tide Clock
Made of a corrosion proof copper-beryllium-alloy
  • Flange 160mm Across or 6.4'' inches
  • Dial       130mm or 5.2''
  • Depth     80mm or 3.2''
The best of the best barometer , absolute precision
  • Quality Barometer made in Germany
  • Wall Mounted
  • Polished chrome on brass
  • Has the same high accuracy and reading precision
  • Used for measuring the absolute atmospheric pressure
  • Indispensable for meteorology, ocean navigation, industry, and research
  • Have been used on land and sea continuously since the mid 1800s
  • A certificate of accuracy is provided with each instrument
  • Each has a unique serial number on a metal plate on the top of the instrument
About Barometric Pressure

Pressure and Weather
Due to the gravity earth is surrounded by a mantle of air (atmosphere). The static pressure that acts to the surface of the earth is called atmospheric pressure. Because of variable warming of the different latitudes, formation of the continents and seas and motion processes in the atmosphere the atmospheric pressure is uneven. The global mean value of the atmospheric pressure at sea level is 1013.25 hPa. In Central Europe it varies mainly between 990 and 1040 hPa.

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    Full instructions on how to use your barometer are in included with the device.
    This is the most popular model for larger yachts and ships, and for land based weather bureaus, with many in use in the UK Met Offices and other European weather services, as well as by individual weather watchers, worldwide.

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