Wine Cellar Hygrometer & Thermometer made by Fischer Germany 1225HT-22



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      • Brand: 

      • Fischer Germany



      • Brass and Mahogany 


      •  Solid wood and Metal Instrument


        • Quality Weather Instrument made in Germany made to measure healthy Living

        • Solid wood / brass instruments

        • Wall Mounted
        • Hygrometer

        • Thermometer

        • Made of high quality materials

        • Will enhance any decore

        • Size: 

      • Frame 140mm x 140mm

      • Instrument 100mm

      • About our Life Products

        The room climate hygrometer with thermometer shows easily understandable the optimum climate figures in relation to season and room temperature.thanks to the coloured sectors you can get a quick and precise orientation . This will help you to keep a healthy room climate.

        The Hygrometer is developed on the basis of the Fischer hair-hygrometer 111.01 , optimized for rooms.You can get it in two variants, with a hook for hanging it on the wall or with a foot to put it up.Along with the hygrometer you will receive a clear brochure with interesting details about healthy and comfortable living.

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