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Focus on Great Service and Delivery – Australia and New Zealand

For this blog I want to share with you a lovely experience I had with a customer from Australia last week.

 Corporate Gifts

I had a call from a lady in Newcastle, NSW, Australia – she had been let down by an online Barometer Supplier who had promised to deliver her a Barometer in time for her partners Birthday.

The product had never arrived and she was panicking about not having anything for his special day.

After chatting about the right product for her partner I was able to reassure her that because I have a great deal with NZ Post I would be able to get her product to in 3 days. And I did.

She bought this Barometer (Pic of Barometer and the link)

Wall mounted Barometer

This is what she had to say. 

 After a horrible experience with an online order from another company, Cameron from BAROMETERS & CLOCKS came to the rescue and was thoroughly personable, trustworthy and efficient when placing a following order. Shipped to Newcastle NSW in just 3 days. FANTASTIC service! Wouldn't hesitate to recommend. Completely reliable.

More References from Australia


Fast Shipping to Australia

The Barometers and Clocks website is seeing an increase in business from Australia. This is great news as shipping to Australia had never been easier or faster.

Often getting products to Australia can take just the same amount of time as getting to some remote places in New Zealand.

If you have a timeline you need to work to don’t hesitate to call me to discuss whether I would be able to deliver on time. I am always honest about this.

Feel free to leave feedback on any product you buy from me. I am always open to suggestions or comments. Just click here to have your say. I can always be reached on NZ 0800 693 583 or Australia on 1800 136 886

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December 14, 2016

If I brought a barometer now would I receive it before Christmas

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