7 Things you need to know about moisture, humidity and ventilation in your house.

February 10, 2018

7 Things you need to know about moisture, humidity and ventilation in your house.

After the Christchurch Earthquake, I noticed the moisture levels in the house changed, as my grandson lives with me and suffers from asthma I like to keep an eye on humidity and try to make it as healthy as possible for him. 

Medical studies have confirmed that high levels of humidity (moisture) in homes – above 50-60% - increase the risk of asthma and diseases. It’s important to keep an eye on the humidity levels in your house. 

I do this by using a Hygrometer. This instrument tells me the percentage of humidity in the room I place it in, so I know if I need to ventilate it.


Here is some information you need in order to make better decisions about the humidity in your house:

  1. 1- Keep an eye on the humidity percentages on your Living Climate Hygrometer
  2. 2- If above 50% you need to ventilate your room
  3. 3- You need to ventilate your room for around 10-15 mins to bring the humidity down
  4. 4- Warmer rooms are relatively dry – Colder rooms usually moist
  5. 5- Cross ventilation is not always necessary
  6. 6- If you are out during the day to ventilate any time of day when you can – up to 15 mins
  7. 7- Place your hygrometer on an inner wall at an average of 1-2m above the ground – away from windows and doors

Mould and Odour

Some new houses being built have doors and windows that do not allow for ventilation. They are so tightly sealed that no air can get through.
In older style houses you may get air flow but often the houses are built with older, less efficient materials trapping mould and moisture within the walls of these homes.

Love your house with a hygrometer

The Living Climate Hygrometer displays easy to understand values for indoor climate reading in any type of house.Here at Barometers and Clocks we have a range of Hygrometer’s – either combined weather stations or just Hygrometers that will allow you effectively manage the moisture in your house.

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