Mahogany and Brass Fischer Weather-Station Pascal 1694R-22



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Fischer weather station made in Germany



  •  Frame 200mm or 8" inches, Barometer 160mm or 6.4" inches


  • Mahogany Case, Brass Instrument. Brass Hoop


  • Barometer - To measure changes in air pressure that indicate the weather is going to change.
  • Hygrometer - To measure humidity
  • Thermometer - To measure the room's temperature
  • Instructions: Full instructions on how to use your barometer are in included with the device.
  • It also comes in a similar Model called 1694RS-06 


Get the benefit of 3 weather instruments in one to optimise your life. 

  1. Barometer Measures Atmospheric Pressure - this is helpful to know what kind of changes you can expect later in that day.
  2. A hygrometer measures the humidity of the air so you can optimise your living environment. 
  3. Wall Mounted
  4. Thermometer measures the temperature inside so you can optimise your home temperature for health.

For comfortable and healthy living and working conditions, you should optimise temperatures between 18 and 24 C and humidity between 35% and 65%


Here are some great articles on what these weather stations measure, and how they work that you might find helpful.

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